Sunday, February 12, 2017

Average monthly home-ownership cost (west Sydney)

Excluding monthly mortgage.

Family of 3 (2A, 1C)

Strata - $177
Council - $115
Water - $72
Electric - $94
Gas - $38
Home Insurance - $90

Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Squealing noise during cold start

Our Kia Sportage 2010 had its 75,000km servicing (major) about a couple of weeks ago. One of the parts replaced is a drive belt.

Starting 3 days ago, car emits a squealing noise during cold starts. See sample videos below:

The servicing invoice did say that new belt(s) might need re-adjustment within 3-5 days. So I popped in to our local NRMA MotorServe, they did some checks (bolts, pulley etc) and re-adjusted tension, and now no more noise! Of course, no charge for this re-adjustment.
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