Friday, March 22, 2013

Serfas Eliminator RX Performance Saddle

So after 1,200km plus of cycling, I'm still getting bum sore though not as uncomfortable as during the early weeks. This sore becomes quite significant at around 30km for every ride.

So today, I replaced the stock Giant saddle in my bike with Serfas Eliminator RX Performance Saddle. I have a 60km ride this Sunday so let's see if there's any improvement.

Stock saddle -

Comparison (Serfas saddle is a bit wider so should help with my ischial tuberosities aka “sit bones”)

Serfas Eliminator RX Performance Saddle -

Rear view (with PDW Radbot 1000 LED Rear Light and stock rear reflector)

Giant Boulder 29er 0

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