Sunday, July 15, 2012

World of FX

Last Friday the 13th, I finally joined the FX world.

Impressions, so far:

  1. I need uber-fast CF or SD cards, stat! I'm currently using a Class 4 SD card and it's so slooooowww! It's like 15~20 seconds write time per image, ewww!
  2. I need to improve my hand-holding skill. 36MP easily shows blur at pixel level.
  3. Thank, God, all my FX & non-FX lenses focus good/sharp with this camera. None of the focus horror stories I've read in forums. However, Tokina 11-16 is not recognized as non-FX.
  4. The manual seems lacking so I got Tom Hogan's guide; digesting it now. So far, so good. Highly recommended.
  5. Images at ISO 6400 are very usable, insane!
  6. Having a USB 3.0 memory card reader is recommended. Looking at eBay now...
  7. I'll shoot RAW uncompressed (75MB/image).
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