Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Cost of Living

These estimates only serve as a guide for those planning to migrate to Sydney, Australia. Cost could be lower in other states. This is valid for a small family of 3 (couple with 1-yr old baby) living in Parramatta (suburb of Sydney NSW, Australia) and valid as of September 2010. Currency, of course, in Australian dollar (1A$=Php40.7).

Unit/apartment rent: 350/w
Electricity: 450/q
Water: included in unit rent
Car loan: 650/m
Car insurance: 110/m
Petrol: 40/w
Mobile: 130/m
Internet/phone: 50/m
Hospital cover: 160/m
Grocery: 200/w
Daycare: 40/d
Others: 200/w average (dinner out, entertainment, clothes, etc)

This translates to a total expense of about A$1,303/week or A$5,210/month (or Php213,000/month).

Of course, take note that "startup" cost for basic household items is quite high; these are for one-time purchases like furnitures, appliances, utensils, etc. My conservative estimate for this cost is around A$5,000. So it helps if you have friends/relatives who can provide some of these items for free.

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