Thursday, September 17, 2009

Landscape of Emotions

I took a 1-day break from work on Sept. 16 and attended Manny Librodo's Landscape of Emotions workshop.

It was conducted at Tambuli (West) Beach Resort (Mactan Island, Cebu) and participants were limited to 15. I think 60% of the participants were coming from Bohol, Davao, and Manila.

We started around 7:30am with a lecture (M.A.N.U.E.L.). About an hour later, we're grouped into 3 so that we can shoot by turns. Basically, the designated group of 3 will shoot with Manny while rest of the participants can shoot at the back or have a shootout with the 2nd model. Each group had 8 minutes with Manny and the model. For this workshop, we have 2 beautiful models, Janet Emmrich and Christine de Gracia. Janet had 3 costume changes while Christine had 2.

(With Janet's beauty, even a blind photographer can't go wrong)

While shooting with Manny, he'll do most of the direction and make his shots. He keeps on sharing ideas, tips and basically shows his thought processes. When finished with his shots, he'll let the designated group shoot and provides guidance while in the background.

We ended our first shoot around 11am (whew! I easily consumed 6GB with my two camera bodies) then Manny demonstrated to us his bread-and-butter post-processing flow.

Around noon, we had our "power lunch" -- eating while doing our post-processing thingy (toppled drinks over laptops and expensive photography gears kept flashing in my mind hehehe). Then at 1.30pm, we had our second shoot. We wrapped up the shooting session around 3pm.

Then it's back again to post-processing where Manny required us to provide our top 3 shots. Post-processed, of course. Around this time, I'm already bone-tired from the shooting and sun's heat. Manny provided individual assistance (if requested) during post-processing.

The activity ended when certificates of attendance were distributed around 5.30pm. There was a dinner scheduled with Manny and a trip to Tops (hills of Busay) in the evening but I couldn't join due to other commitments.

Here are some things that I can highlight:

1) With proper use of shade and reflector (silver-side), you can shoot awesome portraits even at noon! The problem though is sweating of the models ;-) (you can use reflector as fan though)

2) Manny employed JPEG with Nikon D3 and Nikkor 24-70 throughout this workshop. He almost always shoot wide open with Cloudy white-balance & center-weighted "-1" exposure. Most of the participants used the 50mm prime lens. Bringing two camera bodies is recommended.

3) Rapport with the model is key.

4) Layer and mask are your post-processing BFFs. So before attending his workshops, please learn Photoshop basics of layer, blending modes, mask, etc.

5) Any location is a good location! Just keep an eye on your background.

6) Props, props, props!!! Color, color, color!!! Keep white-balance warm if applicable.

Overall, I'm very satisfied because I learn a lot. Plus, Manny is a natural teacher and very approachable. I highly recommend his workshops!!!

More of my images will be shared here.


Bchai said...

Thanks for the tips, Ronald! I'm glad you had a successful and AWESOME photo shoot with the models! I was wondering; where you using your Nikon D90 or did you borrow the D3 for the shoot?

(beketchai from Flickr) *wink*

Nald said...

hahaha i wish i have a D3 ;-) for this shoot, i brought D90 and D40...

Abhishek Khunte said...

Hi Ronald,
Nice Pics.

"He's called Dr. J because, on the court, he operated on people." - Nate "Tiny" Archibald on Julius "Dr. J" Erving