Monday, July 20, 2009

Cebu City: Scott Kelby's 2nd Annual Worldwide Photo Walk

Last saturday, I participated in the annual Scott Kelby's Worldwide Photo Walk. It was my 1st time to join a group street photography. I usually shoot alone due to conflicts in schedule. We started around 6.30am at Magellan's Cross and parted ways almost 4 hours later at Cebu Capitol.

Eventhough the weather's iffy, almost a hundred shooters showed up and that made it a fun social event. We walked & talked for more than 3 kilometers with "pit" and obligatory stops. I meet old friends and made new acquaintances ;-)

I brought one camera body, a tripod and 3 glasses (macro, UWA and prime). I used all glasses but my top 2 favorites come from the macro lens. Somehow, I lost my tripod's case. Too bad, my chocolates from Qatar got lost with it :-) I recovered "lost" calories by having a lonely but quick lunch at The Terraces. I then proceeded to buy some stuff for Des and Alexa and went to Banawa for a colleague's wedding.

Here are some of my shots:

Photo Walk: Cream

Photo Walk: Exit to Paradise

Photo Walk: Manong

More here. If schedule permits, I'll join again next year. I really had a great time!

This is it!

------------------'s uploading service is really unreliable. I always get corrupted communication so it's a hassle to keep on re-uploading. Fortunately, Digiprint's online facility is back so I ordered my prints there this morning. Uploading is done one time and it was very smooth. With Picatoo, uploading is limited to 8 or 9MB per batch. Imagine doing that to 200MB of images, ouch!

Anyway, I hope to receive the prints within 2 days.


SDVA said...
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SDVA said...

Hi Ronald! Sorry, I'm reposting my comment. Anyway, 'just wanted to congratulate you for making the TOP 10 Honorable Mentions at Scott Kelby's Worldwide Photo Walk. I'm also a Filipino residing in New York. Great shot!

Nald said...

SDVA, thanks!!! Mabuhay!

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