Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Alexa - Month 3

Last saturday, we brought Alexa to her pediatrician, Dr. Ma. Teresa Fortunato. This is for her monthly checkup and immunization shots (ouch!). During our 30-minute ride to the clinic, Alexa kept on laughing and smiling...

Alexa seemed to be tickled by the passing scenery and rain drops in the window (my UWA glass was really up to the task in capturing this moment in this very confined environment). Her almost endless smiling made the cab driver comment that angels are playing with her ;-)

Nowadays, she prefers to be carried as shown above. She's absorbing her environment now and her vision seemed longer in reach.

At the clinic, she was given Rotarix (oral) and Prevnar (injection). She now weighs almost 5 kilograms :-) However, due to injection, she was crying almost the whole trip back home. Crying was loudest when there's a traffic jam ;-)

When we got home, she promptly slept. That evening, we had a fun family portrait shoot...

Our shot together is here.

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