Sunday, March 29, 2009


So bone tired this morning as I just had a 9-hour commissioned shoot yesterday.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Daily Fix

I can't live a day without visiting these websites:

Flickr - Photo sharing community

Digital Photographer Philippines - A very lively forum

DPReview - Photography news and reviews

DCResource - Photography news and reviews

Ken Rockwell - Hate him, love him

i-Mag Photography - Photography as an Art

Thom Hogan - Hardcore Nikon guy

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Baby Stuff

Finally, we did our first shopping for baby's stuff! We're clueless, really. But thankfully, the store's staff were really, really helpful. On second thought, too helpful. We got out of the mall like we bought stuff for 5 families ;-)

Friday, March 20, 2009

Hoya R72 77mm IR Filter

I ordered one today and this blog entry serves as a reference for delivery leadtime.

Have a nice weekend, everyone!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Signs of the Times

I've been a credit card holder for more than 10 years now. And never I made a payment after a due-date. Yeah, I hate carrying cash and a credit card is a very, very convenient tool but we always make our full payments on time.

Today, I received a strange request from my main credit card service provider. They asked me that I delay my payment by 1 month and avail of their new lower monthly interest rate. What?!? No way I'm gonna do that - I politely declined, of course.

I thought they're promoting good usage of credit cards... Now, they're promoting the idea of increasing their clients' debts.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

American Idol 8 Episode 19

Anoop, you disappoint me, dog. Come on! I think next week will be your last week.


Adam Lambert... wow, dude! wow...

Thursday, March 05, 2009

American Idol 8

Anoop Desai, go, go, go!!!

My Monologue

A man in London who's blind for 30 years was given bionic eyes. He says he can see flashes of light now.

But his wife is more ecstatic. She says, "He can do a lot more now than he could before, doing the washing, being able to tell white from a coloured item. I've taught him how to use the washing machine and away he goes. It's just the ironing next."

Now, if I were the man, I rather pretend to be blind or just forget about this bionic eye thing.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

HDR with Nikon D90

If you enjoy taking HDR images, then you know that the more exposure reference you have, the better HDR image result will be as transition is smoother and more realistic looking.

So how many exposure reference is needed? Between 3 and 9 is optimal depending on image scenario.

With Nikon D90 (or D80), bracketing has 3 options: 3F, +2F, and -2F. For better HDR work, always set +/-2EV for F.

So by default, D90 can achieve 0EV, -2EV, and +2EV in one setting (3F). This is my default option when doing casual HDR images. But for serious or really extreme scenario, I usually employ 9 exposures. Here's my step:

1) Use a tripod to minimize post-processing alignment.
2) Turn OFF Auto ISO and set a fix White Balance value (or shoot in RAW to fix WB later).
3) Use aperture-priority mode. For landscape work, f8 and above (smaller aperture opening) is recommended.
4) Make sure exposure compensation is set at 0EV. See page 90 of Nikon D90 manual.
5) Make your composition. Focus and then disable autofocus, if necessary.
6) Set bracketing to 3F 2.0. Or 3F 1.0, it's all up to you. See page 92 of Nikon manual.
7) Press shutter button 3 times to take your 1st 0EV, -2EV, and +2EV images. To minimize camera vibration, use ML-L3 remote control or use burst-mode to take 3 shots with one continued button press. See page 64 of Nikon D90 manual on release mode.
8) Change exposure compensation to -5EV (or -3EV for 3F 1.0 bracket mode). See page 90 of Nikon D90 manual.
9) Repeat step 7. This results to -5EV, -3EV, and -7EV images. Tripod is generally needed on this low-shutter speed region.
10) Change exposure compensation to +5EV (or +3EV for 3F 1.0 bracket mode). See page 90 of Nikon D90 manual.
11) Repeat step 7. This results to +5EV, +3EV, and +7EV images.
12) Merge images in your favorite HDR software (e.g. Photoshop, Photomatix, Picturenaut, etc.)


1) It's best to work fast from steps 7 to 11 to minimize movements in the image like clouds, shadows, changing ambient light levels, etc.

2) Nikon D200, D300 and other high-end models can do 2-9 frames with just one setting but maximum EV is 1.0 only. So for D300 to take 4-stop range (-2EV, 0EV, +2EV), it has to take 5 exposures.

For any comments or suggestions, please let me know. Thanks!
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