Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My Movie Plot

Ordinary filipino citizen, an office worker. Kind-hearted but brutal if needed, imaginative, day dreamer. Went on a solo trek thru mountains. Had contact with extraterrestrial entities. Obtain exclusive access to unimaginable technology.

Quits job. Secretly build a base near his hometown using advanced construction technologies. Bring his family on a secret trip around the near universe. Build an AI-based system, TAGUM, that resembles a government. Put up an alternative internet and lays out the plan in there.

Announce new era to the international community. His local government tries to take over but was stopped by TAGUM. Local government backs out. Invites all filipinos to be part of universe-wide expeditions and colonization. Lays out program for rest of world citizens. Announce health-care programs and universe-wide economy.

Establish 8 major colonial empires with Earth as central power. TAGUM upgraded to version 2 and all crimes are stopped before they happen. With the upgrade came the invisible SG (security group).

30 years later, all citizens noticed that everybody are not aging anymore. Death is slowly forgotten, same with the concept of inheritance, successor, and other related words.

After 200 years, the empires developed their own culture and identity. Total population is 4 quadrillion.

After 400 years, everybody believed that 1% of the universe is already explored.

TAGUM in Earth remains empires' central government. The first explorer of universe is totally forgotten. But shows up again to announce that multiple parallel universe exist and finally knew the motive of the extraterrestrial entities which is...

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