Saturday, August 09, 2008

Pasigarbo sa Sugbu Festival

I hope the Cebu provincial government didn't boast that they have overpassed "Filipino Time" and created their own "Cebuano Time".

For those who are not familiar to "Filipino Time", it means starting any event (meetings, parties, conferences, etc) at least 30 to 60 minutes late.

Perhaps the media (or Provincial Information Office) is at fault today. It was announced that the parade will start after closing the roads at 11am. Governor Garcia (who was riding a horse) didn't kick the parade until 2:39pm (!!!). From Garcia's posse, the 1st contingent didn't follow her until 1 hour & 35 minutes later (!!!).

All the media people I asked told me that the program will start at 2pm instead of 1pm. 2pm became 3pm. 3pm became 4pm and so on... So, the announced program time of 1pm~6pm became 5pm~10pm instead.

I walked out in disgust around 4:46pm and went home directly where a nice black forest cake is waiting. My wife bought one because she knew what I've been through today. 7 hours wasted in waiting in 33C heat (29.3C in shade)...

"Cebuano Time", I hope this is not what the "Festival of Festivals" is all about.

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