Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Sad experience with Globe 3G & Globelines


Some weeks ago, my 4-year old Nokia 6600 just died on me and even Nokia Care (SM Cebu) can't save it. So I bought a 3G phone, Nokia E51. This phone's WiFi works flawlessly and mobile internet surfing is just superb!

But not with Globe's network.

As I always have strong HDSPA (3.5G) signal in our home (Opon, Lapu-lapu City), I got very excited and tried to connect to the internet using my phone as a modem. For weeks now, that excitement turned to grave frustration -- the connection is very unreliable and, at best, veerrrrryyy slow that easily translate to an expensive wireless internet un-experience. Grrrr.


Last week, we applied for Globeline's "Wired Globe Broadband Plan 1 Mbps Data Only". The agent's promises were wonderful and short of biblical. He told us that we'll get connection 1 to 2 days after our downpayment. Today, it's already 7 days after our payment and that promise is still a promise.

Worse, due to some miscommunication, they will be installing not 1Mbps but 384kbps only. They "promise" that we can upgrade to 1Mbps a week later after a successful installation.

We even don't have a connection yet and we're already experiencing their "stone age" customer service. It's like I'm watching some introductory scenes to a horror movie and I don't even want to think about post-installation issues & future calls to their "customer service". Grrrr.

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