Monday, May 12, 2008

Summer in Bohol

To celebrate in advance our 4th wedding anniversary this May 20th, Fudge and I decided to spend a week in Bohol province.

We left Cebu on May 4 and took a SuperCat bound for Tagbilaran City, capital of Bohol. After a 2-hour uneventful voyage, we arrived and took Bohol Bee Farm's shuttle service, a 5-day old brandnew Mitsubishi Adventure SUV. The drive from the port to Bee Farm's resort took around 15 minutes. Bee Farm is located in the barangay of Dauis. Panglao island is composed of barangays Dauis & Panglao and there are 2 bridges connecting Panglao island to mainland Bohol.

Upon arrival in Bee Farm, we were met warmly by the resort owner, Vicky, and ushered us to take some refreshments in their coast-facing restaurant. The view is awesome but the squash muffins and lemon grass juice just taste heavenly! In fact, before we went back to Cebu, we stopped by The Buzzz Cafe (their branch in Island City Mall in Tagbilaran) and bought a bagful of muffins.
We spent the rest of the day strolling around the farm and pool swimming. The next day, we hired their tour service and was pleasantly surprised that we're riding their brandnew SUV. The other vans were assigned to groups of Korean & Tagalog tourists :-) With a very good driver cum tour guide, it was indeed a money well spent! We went to the usual tourist spots (or traps hehehe) and the tour lasted almost 9 hours.

The main reason we chose Bohol Bee Farm was for their rumored great food... And the rumors were TRUE!!! Every meal we had were just heaven to our palates. The food in Loboc floating restaurants is average but the P300.00 cost justifies the great river cruise. In Bee Farm, the meal cost justifies the excellent menu selection and healthy-organic-never-to-be-missed superb meals!

We then transferred to Bohol Beach Club (BBC) where we stayed for 3 days. If you need a peaceful place with long sandy white beach, then BBC is the only choice in Panglao. BBC also has 3 swimming pools with 2 exclusive to checked-in guests. Due to less crowd, foreigners do sunbathe topless here. BBC owns the longest white beach in Panglao and their sinful buffet meals made up for the kayaking, swimming, camera posing, and strollings we did. BBC is for lovers and honeymooners. And to encourage the lovers to do some naughty stuff outdoors, their wide beach area is very dimly lit. Indoors, facilities & room service are very good.

Our last stop is Dapdap Beach Resort in Anda. This place is 2 hours away from Tagbilaran. If you want to go there, please arrange beforehand with the resort staff for your pickup at the main road. The resort is about 3 kilometers from the main road and you don't want to hike with your heavy stuff/gear, do you? Anyway, we stayed for only 1 night here as the weather is not good and we were truly spoiled by the ambiance of BBC and Bee Farm. (Anti-climax comes to my mind).

If not for the arrival of PBA players from Alaska & Purefoods (who played in the town of Calape last May 10), reservations would not have been difficult and our tour sequence would have been: Anda-Tagbilaran-Bee Farm-BBC.

In summary for those planning to visit Bohol for the 1st time, go to Bee Farm for their food, enjoy the beaches of BBC (peaceful) or Alona (bars, resorts, nightlife, etc), take a countryside tour, tip if you can, and be infected with Bol-anon's smiles.

Note: It's not my 1st time in Bohol as my father is a Bol-anon. We regularly visit my father's hometown in Getafe which is about 3 hours away from Tagbilaran. Ciao!
More pictures here.


darrix said...

Is your father's hometown in Corte? I know some Suellos there. I used to spend my summer in that town.

By the way, my name is Frederick Daria.

darrix said...

Bai, kaila ka ni Sindo from Getafe?

Nald said...

sorry, wala ko kaila...

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