Saturday, April 28, 2007

Kadaugan sa Mactan 2007

"Calm before the storm"

Food Festival

Mactan Shrine was turned into one big open-air food ground. 20 or so establishments offered exquisite dishes of up to P60.00 only per serving. And servings were so generous & sumptuous that it seems they just want to empty their booth fast and go home early.

Two of the participating organizations are Shangri-la and Tambuli resorts but the longest queue happened at Plantation Bay's booth. Dunkin' Donuts' booth was quite like a monk's slumber party.

"The People, The Characters"

This guy as lead field director provided some last-minute tips on how the fight scenes should progress.

"What's the fuss all about? Hey, you need a dog character? My schedule today's clear. If not for my ancestor, you won't have early warning and Lapu-lapu's definitely a dead fish by then." No pun intended.

Rico Lucena of ABS-CBN News.

"This apple's fishy... ah, yes, it's Lapu-lapu Day!"

One of Lapu-lapu's minions.

Brad Murdock as Ferdinan Magellan.

Alma Concepcion as Bulakna

Gardo Versoza as Lapu-lapu (2007 version)

"The Battle of Mactan"

We come in peace! Welcome us, otherwise...

Tonight, we'll dine in hell.

The SWAT-supplied explosives provided excellent atmosphere to the drama.

Hombre Ferdinand, you're dead meat. Who's your daddy now?

I somehow lost my iPod during this shoot. Lesson learned: minimize stuff outside a field bag during active sessions!

Anyway, I consider this celebration a success (eventhough the supporters of the suspended mayor staged a mass boycott. Boo to these vile & ignorant creatures!).

Nice job, everyone! Until Magellan's nth death anniversary next year, see ya'al!

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