Tuesday, February 06, 2007

As February 14 is just around the corner...

Manila asks motel owners to follow 'short-time' ban

The Manila City government appealed to motel owners to abide by a city ordinance prohibiting short time admission, ABS-CBN News reported Tuesday.

The request was made more than a week before the celebration of Valentine’s Day on February 14 when motel admissions increase considerably.

Reports said that the Business Promotion and Development Office urged motel owners to strictly implement City Ordinance No. 7774 otherwise known as the "Ordinance Prohibiting Short-Time Admission."

The local government of Manila passed the ordinance in December 1992 despite protests from the Manila Motel Owners Association.

It was learned that the group had filed a petition before the Court of Appeals to nullify the ordinance.

Lawyer Mechor Monsod of the Office of Legal Affairs said that despite the legality issue of the ordinance, the local government only wanted to ensure that no minor would be allowed to avail of the short-time admission offered by motels.

Motel owners are now decorating their establishments and promoting special admission rates in time for Valentine’s Day to encourage people to avail of their services.

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