Friday, February 16, 2007

10 Days - USPS GEM to Cebu

I received the item today. So, from the day I made my online payment to actual receipt of item, total is 10 days. Not bad. Package is sent via USPS GEM at US$49.00.

I highly recommend Cameta Auctions in They surprised me by including a lens hood & pouch as they told me prior to my payment that only the lens caps & warranty card will be part of the lens package.

Now I got 2 lens hoods because I bought one through a friend who recently arrived from Tokyo. I'll be selling this hood (at no profit) as this is quite rare here in the Philippines. I just wanna help a fellow hobbyist.

I'll be testing this lens over the weekend and hope everything's fine. I'll post pictures taken by this lens soon.

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