Wednesday, February 28, 2007

February 27, 2007

Enjoy your freedom, Cukz. Take care!

Monday, February 19, 2007

Nikon AF-S Zoom-Nikkor ED 55-200mm f/4-5.6G ED DX

Test shots over the weekend:

Friday, February 16, 2007

10 Days - USPS GEM to Cebu

I received the item today. So, from the day I made my online payment to actual receipt of item, total is 10 days. Not bad. Package is sent via USPS GEM at US$49.00.

I highly recommend Cameta Auctions in They surprised me by including a lens hood & pouch as they told me prior to my payment that only the lens caps & warranty card will be part of the lens package.

Now I got 2 lens hoods because I bought one through a friend who recently arrived from Tokyo. I'll be selling this hood (at no profit) as this is quite rare here in the Philippines. I just wanna help a fellow hobbyist.

I'll be testing this lens over the weekend and hope everything's fine. I'll post pictures taken by this lens soon.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Day 9 - USPS shipment to Cebu

Today is Day 9. I'll probably be calling the local post office next week...


Update from USPS:

Label/Receipt Number: xxxx xxxx xxxUS
Detailed Results:Arrived Abroad, February 13, 2007, 8:52 am, PHILIPPINES
International Dispatch, February 09, 2007, 2:47 pm, KENNEDY AMC
Enroute, February 09, 2007, 2:47 pm, JAMAICA, NY 11499
Acceptance, February 08, 2007, 2:00 pm, AMITYVILLE, NY 11701
Electronic Shipping Info Received, February 08, 2007


I'll also join a photography workshop this March. It's not cheap but I believe it's worth it. I'm just awaiting now for the final details & schedule.

After that, Fudge & I will leave for a much-needed out of town R & R. This will be deep into summer and we're currently looking at these choices: Bohol, Camiguin, Malapascua, Camotes & Bantayan.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Day 1 - USPS shipment to Cebu

Finally, after 2 unsuccesful bids in eBay (Cameta Camera Auction NY), I won. The last time I got an item from Cameta (almost 5 years ago), it took almost 3 weeks for me to receive the item (Finepix 2600Z). Hopefully this time, it will be more or less the same waiting period. Fingers crossed.

So I consider February 7 as Day 1. Now the waiting starts...

By the way, this is the item I'll be receiving soon.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

As February 14 is just around the corner...

Manila asks motel owners to follow 'short-time' ban

The Manila City government appealed to motel owners to abide by a city ordinance prohibiting short time admission, ABS-CBN News reported Tuesday.

The request was made more than a week before the celebration of Valentine’s Day on February 14 when motel admissions increase considerably.

Reports said that the Business Promotion and Development Office urged motel owners to strictly implement City Ordinance No. 7774 otherwise known as the "Ordinance Prohibiting Short-Time Admission."

The local government of Manila passed the ordinance in December 1992 despite protests from the Manila Motel Owners Association.

It was learned that the group had filed a petition before the Court of Appeals to nullify the ordinance.

Lawyer Mechor Monsod of the Office of Legal Affairs said that despite the legality issue of the ordinance, the local government only wanted to ensure that no minor would be allowed to avail of the short-time admission offered by motels.

Motel owners are now decorating their establishments and promoting special admission rates in time for Valentine’s Day to encourage people to avail of their services.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Report: Nikon D40 Firmware Update

The re-flashing went smoothly. Now, it's time to put more hours on actual shooting & experimenting. I think I'm only 60% familiar with its operation when I'm in the field. Gotta know my D40 more.
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