Thursday, November 23, 2006

New member of the Suello family

What a stressful apartment transfer! It's almost 2 weeks now and the place is still in chaos though we love it there.

So to make matters more challenging, we took in 'Cookie', a 5-month old 6.4kg Rottweiler-Beagle female dog. She's quite spoiled but she's fast learning the basic house rules.

She had her 1st vaccination shot yesterday and was quite subdued during the whole process. Maybe the presence of monster dogs (pure rottweilers, labradors) in the clinic has something to do with it. She'll have her 2nd shot 3 weeks from now and the last one for yet another 3 weeks. Then she'll have her annual anti-rabies & deworming shots.

Anyway, our company's last working day for 2006 is on Dec. 7. So it means that I'll have a 25-day vacation this holiday season. Wohoo!!!

Fudge and I will now start our gift shopping this weekend. How do I sneak in a digital SLR without her noticing? hehehehehehe

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