Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Police Invisibility

The other night, I was surprised to see 3 policemen hanging around near our place. Not that we need more security; our place is located just outside Mactan Air Force Base that has regular patrol. But I'm glad to see 'em nonetheless.

Police personnel from Luzon & Mindanao are really swarming Metro Cebu nowadays in preparation for the ASEAN Summit this December. As they are assigned in almost major street corners, traffic is a bit smoother because of minimized 'illegal' PUJ loading & unloading and locals feel a sense of security. Law-abiding locals that is.

Recently, vigilante-related killing now rises, rather quickly, to 172 since December 2004. See News 1 & News 2. To the conspiracy theorists, it seems very clear now that these 'vigilantes' have an inside connection as they still operate with impunity. It seems they know the daily patrol and surveillance routines and they stand over the city like a deranged wife over a cowering husband.

Not that I'm against these 'vigilantes' but I hope that they change their focus to the 'big fish'. Come on, give 'em small-timers a break!

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