Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Starter's Kit

FireFox 2.0 is nice although it uses 55MB of RAM while I'm blogging now. I opened the same window in IE 7 and it uses only 10MB (I switched my blog draft to IE7 and memory usage is still 10MB). I wonder what they meant by low-resource requirement of FireFox 2.0... I guess this is another marketing crap. Or, maybe XP is conspiring with IE7 in showing the real figures hehehehe gotcha!

(Why do people hate MS so much???)


Just learn today that the lens included in a lens kit is not really recommended for advanced users. Basic lens kit is literally a starter's kit & I'm not a starter anymore.

So to get my blood flow rolling, I asked around and discovered that a good lens starts at P22,000 (!!!). Holy sh.... cow!, that's already 50% compared to a brand new 400D body!

Definitely this will be a lifelong hobby of mine: a body then a zoom lens 1 year later, then a set of filters a year later, then a 8GB high-speed card a year later, then a powerful external flash 2 years later, then a prime lens (30mm) 2 years later, then another prime lens (300mm) 2 years later, and finally another body 3 years after that.

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