Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Hobby Q4 2006

This weekend, I'll be buying a dartboard set. This set costs P2,000. I want to be serious with this hobby/sport.

The last time I played darts was during my college days. It was mainly for fun and bets were minimal -- a liter of softdrinks or a P20-pizza. I consider my skill average but I'm competitive by nature. I'll try to monitor my performance and see if I really have "it". Otherwise...

I'll continue my interrupted life on photography. My ancient FujiFilm FinePix 2600Z 2.0MP digital camera is physically crumbling though it still gives excellent p&s quality pictures. I guess its retirement is near so I'm now sniffing for D-SLRs. My candidates are Canon EOS 400D (TBD), 350D (P43k), 300D (P35k), and maybe cheap prosumers from Nikon and Sony (suggestions are very much welcome!). I'll propose to my commander a P45k budget.

To be honest, I'm torn between a digital video camera and D-SLR. Price range is the same but I just can't have both of them right now. Hmmmmm...

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Perze said...

welcome to blogspot naldo. i'm sticking with xanga. i have a lifetime premium acct.
anywho. last time i remember you were the suong king .. or queen everytime we played chikicha. he he he.

"He's called Dr. J because, on the court, he operated on people." - Nate "Tiny" Archibald on Julius "Dr. J" Erving