Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Career-best (so far)

I had a great dart session (170 FIDO) last night. 10-game average is 17.3 with a career-best of 7. Wohoo! I hope the trend continues tonight.

In another topic, I attended a 3-day Synergistic Leadership training-workshop last week. For the 1st time in my adult life, somebody was able to carry my 215-lb frame (fireman's carry) and "rescue" me from the "landmine". I wasn't supposed to be "dead" but someone violated the game's rule while I was crossing the "landmine" so, kabooom!, I'm dead. Since the theme was to leave no one behind, Michael's adrenaline had to be released (in huge quantity hahaha). Thanks, Mike!

The workshop's great. I learned a lot and enabled me to put fuzzy things into clear sets of frame. One topic was about goals so, to start things off, my 1st written goal (shown to public) is to be at 200-lb by February 2007.

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