Monday, September 11, 2006

2006 Cebu ASEAN Summit & Terrorism

ASEAN Summit is fast approaching (13 weeks to go!) and security preparation in and around Metro Cebu is gaining momentum. Construction at the summit site is feverish albeit bets are everywhere on whether the site will be fully completed or not in time for this important event. I passed by the site last weekend and site activity is, well, last-minute Filipino style. I'm not familiar with construction industry so don't take my observation seriously but I hope everything's up to national building standards. Otherwise...

Security personnel and checkpoints are increasing in number. This resulted to decreased vigilante killings and a sense of security in the populace (the good populace that is). However...

Today, 5th year Anniversary of 9/11, an explosion rocked the city of Mandaue. There are fatalities though the officials are playing down this issue. I don't blame them. With the summit just around the corner, Metro Cebu doesn't need this headache. I expect intensified intelligence monitoring and mobile patrol visibility.

I just don't know when will the proposed 5-day ASEAN Summit holiday (Dec. 4-9) be finalized. Just imagine a 5-week Christmas vacation. That will be awesome!

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