Tuesday, October 14, 2003


"Where have you been?", asked Liz. But before he could answer, a loud shriek broke the disquieting silence in the shed.

"No time for answers now! Let's go!!!" ,shouted Mar in Bisaya. "Go where? there's nowhere for us to go.", Liz mustered amid the never-ending inhuman din.

Mar held her wrist tighter and looked into her lovely eyes. Oh, how I love her! Time seems to stand still.

"To where all this chaos began. Project Tagum." he said. The shed started to shook and the shriek turned to a ghastly moan. They ran outside through the back door and then to Liz' 1995 Toyota car.

When they were inside, Liz turned the ignition frantically.

The car won't start. Not even the familiar chugging of the engine's starter. Nonetheless, Liz kept on trying to start the engine. Futilely. They're screwed.

The shed disintegrated with a loud crack. Splinters rained on them; pummeling the left side of the car. Windows cracked. Then came the now-familiar cries of the Undead.

Shit! Mar thought. He has to tell Liz the secret; otherwise they're dead here.

Liz was becoming hysterical. Mar leaned closer and held her shoulders. "I got to tell you something very important for our survival, hell, Earth's survival." started Mar. Liz looked into his eyes and understood that what he was about to tell her will be her worst nightmare.

"The project worked but you're not who you think you are.", Mar revealed.

Book 1 - Prologue

In the Philippines, a town is usually named after its most common feature or famous treasure. One of these towns named this way is Tagum. Back in the 30's, this unusually large plain in the province of Davao del Norte was called by its locals as Magugpo. Mago-ugpo is a type of tree that is very common to this plain.

And as usual in many cases, no official record exists on why it was changed to its present name, Tagum. However, there exist 3 unofficial "stories" that explain the reason behind its change. Or "mutation", depending on the version of the story.

Mar was one of those people intrigued by the stories. Especially the one that stirred his rich imagination.
"He's called Dr. J because, on the court, he operated on people." - Nate "Tiny" Archibald on Julius "Dr. J" Erving